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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Red Velvet Cupcakes….Yummy!!

I made these red velvet cupcakes from a recipe I found on the net a while back. I don’t remember where, or I would like it. The recipe was ok, the frosting a little too cream-cheesy for me. Would have preferred something different. But otherwise not bad and they did all get eaten!


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Kam Having Fun!

Kameron having fun. He just melts my heart everytime I look at him =)

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Necklaces

I noticed that Cassidy from showed the necklaces that I ordered as examples of the font. I'm so excited. Here is the one I got for my mom and it's listing:

Here is the one I got for me of Kameron and it's listing:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Bubs Is Sick

My poor bubbadude is sick. He has a throat infection that is apparently spreading like wildfire among kids his age. No medication, just a virus. But poor Kam is waking up every hour or so crying because it hurts. Luckily he only had a fever for 1 day, so I'm hoping this passes quickly as well. Nothing worse for a mother than seeing her child in pain. And Kam does not understand why it hurts or the fact that drinking fluids will help. I know he will be fine, it just breaks my heart. So its been a rough few days for him and us, but we will be fine!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kam Loves The New Storage

As soon as he came home today, he just looked at the new furniture and kept saying "WOW", then got super excited and was opening all the bins.

Train accessories:

His play kitchen items (he likes to make grandpa dinner):

Mother's Day Gift For My Mom

I love the look of hand stamped jewelry and I thought it would make the perfect gift for my mom for Mother's Day this year. So I found SimplyStatedJewelry on etsy and have been talking to Cassidy, who is just fabulous to work with. She helped me customize a necklace for my mom and I'm getting something for myself as well, from Kam of course =) Here is a sample of what I am getting my mom, but it will have her grandkids names and birthstones on it:

Isn't it sooooo stinking perdy?? I love this stuff. Cassidy has alot of great designs, so go check her out!!

Ikea Shopping Spree And Redo

Yesterday I got a wild hair and decided I wanted prettier things in the house. So I started to think about doing some storage in Kam's new playroom. Well back in November, Ikea had some awesome 1 day deals that we passed up because frankly, who wants to stand in line on those days! So I passed up this storage bench for $99 ( its normally $250) which now, of course, I cannot find a picture of because navigating Ikea's site sometimes is frustrating. I don't remember the name of the piece. Anyway, I was thinking about putting 2 narrow coffee tables together and putting baskets underneath until I found this:

And decided to put it on its side, with these in the teal color in all 5 spaces:

It came out looking like this:

And look how great it matches the $89 table we got from Target a while back:

They are not black, but a VERY dark brown and I love them. My next step will be to change out that rug for something with brown and teal in it =)

Then I got this:

And these:

To put behind the couch, where a desk was. The desk is now in my office ( my next project) and here is the finished piece in all is loveliness:

Dont you love Kam's little wicker chair and the beautiful matching ink stain on the carpet?? Need to see about getting some Resolve for that. The unfilled frames sitting on top are these:

Which will hold 4x6 pictures that I have to print. I might wait and take updated pictures on Easter and put them in there. Next comes getting some plants and making some art for the wall that I found on Ucreate, which I'm really excited about. I'll be (hopefully) making those this coming week. The thing that is really bugging me there is the lamp, I might have to change that out because its too low with what I want to put in that area. I still have a corner in that room that I need to clean Kam's toys out of. Alot is being donated as he doesn't use it anymore. It makes me sad to get rid of his toys, but he truly is not playing with them anymore. Once all that is done, I will have an "adult" space...ahhhh. I'll post pics once its all pretty and finished.