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Monday, June 21, 2010

Aqua Inspiration & Blog Crush

These two items tie in perfectly because I am totally crushing on House Of Turquoise. It is just a gorgeous blog. Full of beautiful decorating pictures all showing wonderful shades of aqua, truly my favorite color. I have never felt that I could decorate with that color. I have always decorated with more earth tones. But I think I am going to do something out of my comfort zone.

I was supposed to have my bathroom repainted and I had to reschedule. I am really glad I did because I think I am going to change my wall color. Here is my inspiration bathroom:

aqua bathroom

(Via House Of Turquoise)

I picked this because I still want the dark lower cabinets and soft beige trim. My wall color will be a bit more aqua than this, but it gives you an idea. My only problem in the bathroom is that my counters are an awful 70’s light yellow. BUT to the rescue comes this gorgeous shower curtain from Anthropologie:


Except its $118 and there is no way I can spend that on a shower curtain. So I have ordered fabric to make one. It will be here in about a week and then I will slowly get started on this. I hope my fabric ties in the counters and the wall color well. Lets keep our fingers crossed!


  1. Great choice of colors. Aqua is the new beige :)
    And with that shower curtain everyone will think you actually CHOSE those yellow counter tops!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

  2. I couldn't get the link to work on the House of Turquoise. If you really want us to covet correctly, you should fix it :)

  3. Sorry about that! I did the post in Live Writer and it was fine. Something got lost in translation. Its been fixed. Please go gaze at all the beauty that is House Of Turquoise!

  4. Good thing there's not a limit on comments per person (3 in one day, Am I a Stalker?!)
    Thanks for fixing the link. It was worth stalking you just to see that amazing turquoise backsplash. I want that kitchen.

  5. I love the House of Turquoise! I could move right in most of those rooms! I'm getting ready to repaint my kitchen and it's going to be turquoise. I'm so excited to get it started this weekend!