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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bathroom Remodel Series Part 1-Cabinets

I am an embarrassing funny story to tell. About 8 years ago I painted my entire bathroom with a generic $5 gallon of white paint I bought at Big Lots. No joke! I didn’t know how much paint mattered and I decided I was going to change things up a bit from the wood paneling that was in there. So off to work I went.

Then, I also didn’t realize that one coat of said $5 paint was not going to be enough. But I was tired. I mean who would have thought painting would take so much work? Who would have thought it had to be so precise? Me? Never LOL

Fast forward 7 years to me discovering DIY blog land and all the amazing women that do these home improvement projects themselves. Fast forward to me feeling like I had found my people!! Fast forward to me learning that you cannot paint a bathroom and expect it to look good with one coat of $5 paint. HMPF! I can admit when I am wrong.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I decided (after reading many inspiring blogs) that I can paint this bathroom myself and make it look good. I cannot believe the difference a $15 quart of paint can do! I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Sweet Molasses UL-130-23. Don’t you just love that name? Here is the swatch:


Now here are my embarrassing cabinets before:


Ack, they look worse in pics that I thought. I was really in denial about that $5 paint.

Anyway, those plus this:


Equals this!!!:


Aren't they just lovely?? I love them! And it makes the bathroom look so much bigger…I was shocked! Total love. Sigh.

My little guy liked them too and helped me pick out the hardware at Home Depot. No joke, he pointed to these (he’s got the creative eye I think):



So proud of myself for accomplishing this. Have I said how much I love them??

Part 2 coming soon, my medicine cabinet transformation.

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  1. THEY ARE GORGEOUS !!! We are remodeling our entire house so I am always looking for new & innovative ideas on the did a great job !

  2. What a pretty color! Don't you just love the power of paint?

  3. Great job! Can't wait to see the rest of your re-do.

  4. Love it Ela!! Gorgeous color and paint job! Wow!!

  5. Love the color! I've heard that Behr paint products are totally amazing. My wife loves to work anything that can be done in a style DIY. Dream house building can be done DIY style too, I think. I can imagine the hard work if we build our new home through techniques suited for DIY building. A house designed to be a dream house must be built to match perfectly your chosen design, right? So, my wife and I were thinking that way.

    Thanks for sharing, Ela!

  6. Great job! I absolutely love it. What were the steps before putting the paint? Doing my own little projects with my bathroom because they really need it! :)

  7. Good start! I really love what you did with your cabinets, Ela. Although brown is not the most suitable cabinet color for bathrooms, I really think yours is just fine, and it made the whole room look more refined and pleasing to the eye. Good job! I haven’t seen your next bathroom remodel post, sister. So may I just ask, how everything turned out?

    Kip Whitehead