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Monday, January 10, 2011

War Of The Roses

No, not the movie! I have been making paper roses to be put on a new wreath to go over my faux mantle. I want something that can stay their year round, well except for the holidays. I’ve made a few roses and would like your opinion.


I would prefer to use a recycled method for this. The first rose and honestly my favorite is made from Trader Joe’s grocery bags:


These colors honestly do compliment my living room the most, however I’m wondering how many bags it would take to make enough roses. My other option would be to mix these multi colored roses with some solid color that match.

#2 on my list is a book page rose:


I like the way this one looks as well, though its much lighter. However again, mixed with some color accent colors, may work well.

My 3rd and 4th options were made by just printing a sample of sheet music and French script on my printer on regular white paper. So if any of these patterns are chosen, I would print them on a more beige-ish off white paper:


Sheet Music


French Script

I love how subtle the French script is, but I think it may be too subtle for the whole wreath.

I would love to use a recycling method (either 1 or 2) the most, but I’m open to suggestions. What do you think?

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  1. love that fabric - - I'm planning a turquoise and green room for my bedroom too!

  2. I really like the same two roses that were your favs. The other two are nice, but the print is very subtle & not sure it has the same effect from across the room. If the Trader Joe roses match your room, how about mostly those with a few of the others in as accents?

    Lovely bedding material. Can't wait to see your duvet.

  3. Hi Ela, I just put your blog button on my blog button page. :o) I wanted to let you know that I did my Tuesday Tea post today and hope you get a chance to visit.


  4. BTW, I LOVE the darker Trader Joe rose! I think if I get a chance to do some of those for my bedroom, I would paint the white ones with a little gesso or lightly spray paint them with a gold color to give them a more antique look. I wonder what would be the best way to 'age' them?

    That would look so awesome on my piano too! I love sheet music. And your fabric is just so pretty! Looking forward to seeing your room when it's all finished.

    Thanks for linking to my Tuesday tea. :o)

  5. They really came out beautifully. I have never seen Trader Joe's bags recycled that nicely.

  6. These roses are very very cute. Would love to make some. Thanks for showing your stuff. Linda

  7. Trader Joe Rose!! I love it!
    -Kim :)

  8. The Trader Joe rose is my favorite as well. I love the way the colors mix. Cute blog found you through Elle Belle.

  9. I agree with you and everyone else... the Trader Joe rose is my fave! I really like the subtle mix of colors.

  10. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all of them!!!!! Thanks so much for linking them up at Gettin' crafty on hump day! :)

  11. I am LOVING these roses!! I like the sheet music that best!! I can't wait to see the entire wreath....

    Thanks for linking this up to the Sunday Parade @ A Design Story... Hope you will come by again!

    Lindsay @ A Design Story