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Friday, October 14, 2011

Faux Cupcake Christmas Ornaments & A CONTEST

Hi! Long time no chat – AGAIN! I apologize for that. Sometimes life takes over and other things have to take priority. I do miss blogging though, so I will really try to make a better effort to blog more often.

I often find myself doing projects and later thinking, “I could have blogged about that”. I sometimes wonder if its something anyone would want to read about, then later realize, yes, you probably would! So I’m going to take pictures of everything (more than I do now, which is A LOT) and show you guys.

In the meantime, I’ll show you what I have been doing. There is a Holiday Craft Faire coming to my neighborhood next month. I have been waiting for something like this to hit the area so I could get a booth and create something. I immediately signed up and then couldn’t figure out what to make! LOL. I knew it had to be cupcake related, because of all the baking I have been doing. I’m become a little cupcake obsessed. It took about 4 weeks, but I ended up with these:



As you can see there is a watermark on a few because I decided to open an Etsy store which you can see HERE. 

I’m very excited about this. I have been in touch with some retailers about putting a few in their shop.

Now for the contest!

My contest is simple….I would like to offer 2 of my readers a Faux Cupcake Ornament. These are made to order, so the 2 winners will be able to choose exactly how they want their cupcake to look, from the choices I provide. Each person will have multiple entries, here they are:

For the first entry: please go to our new KamNCo Facebook page and LIKE us HERE. (You don’t have to comment, but I would be overjoyed if you did.) Then please come back and comment that you did, pretty please with a cherry on top Smile

For the second entry: please head on over to the shop HERE and let me know what style you like, from what I have listed. Then please come back and comment letting me know what style you would build.

For the third entry: I would be extremely honored if you were to let your friends know about the contest. Whether it be on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter, I would super sincerely appreciate it. Then come back and let me know that you did.

That’s it! Contest runs today, October 14th thru Monday October 24th at 10:00 pm Pacific. I will announce the winners on Tuesday October 25th, both here and on Facebook.

Stay tuned as I am building a few different cupcake stands for the Craft Faire that is coming up and will share them with you, step by step Smile

Once things get going on Facebook, I'll be running Facebook only contests as well. I'll keep you posted!

For my readers!! Use coupon code LIFEINMYPJS for 15% off any purchases made!


  1. I liked KamNCo on Facebook =) these cupcake ornaments are so cute!

  2. Oh my goodness...these are all super cute!!! I went and looked at them, and I think I'd have to choose between the triple chocolate explosion and the pink damask...they're all super cute though!!! :)

  3. I like KamNCo on facebook and commented! Super cute!!! :)

  4. I liked you on facebook. These are super cute. thank you so much.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  5. I took the link you had on KamNCo on facebook and shared it on my facebook profile--to let my friends know about the contest! Super cute stuff...I'm crossing my fingers! :)

  6. I love the triple chocolate explosion.

  7. like you on facebook--you'll see my comment too!
    Ruth Mayer Hill

  8. I like the Triple Chocolate Explosion Christmas

  9. Wow!! These decorations look stunning. You really did wonderful work my friend. I would use these ideas for decoration of Los Angeles event venues on Christmas. I need some holiday party ideas for Christmas celebrations. Please share some interesting ideas dear!