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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Ornament Wreath

As a single mom, my holiday decorating is on a very strict budget. So you cannot understand how excited I was when I went to the Wally World Christmas department.

walmart christmas

photo credit Thrifty Décor Chic who I LOVE btw.

My store looks very similar to this, but its backwards, meaning from the left green, then blue, etc. These ornaments are only $1 each!! Including the tubes of 4 on the bottom. The whole wall, $1 each and very sparkly & glittery, I might add.

On the other side of the aisle from these are these types.


And also larger boxes of the round ones that match the wall ornaments. So I bought a box of each color, green, red, blue and pink.  Plus 6 of the $1 ornaments. 3 birds and 3 flowers, which I will show in another post. This gave me enough ornaments to decorate my tree ( I also used some white and silver that I had left over from last year) and make a wreath.

Here she is:


Its not very easy to get a good picture of this wreath. The lighting in my home is not that great right now and even with daylight, its bad. This wreath is much brighter in person. I used this wonderful tutorial  from Eddie Ross I found last year, but was too intimidated to try.  I just went over to my local dry cleaners, got a hanger and sat on the floor for about an hour making this. These ornaments are plastic, so I was able to skip the hot glue step, as they aren't going anywhere.

I have recently installed a faux mantel and changed some furniture around, so once it is all done and decorated, I will be posting more pictures.

Happy Holidays!


  1. We went NUTS in the Walmart ornament department and did basically the whole downstairs for $110! Your wreath is just beautiful by the way.

  2. I think I need to stop by Walmart ASAP if that's what their Christmas stuff looks like. And what a bargain!

    Your ornament wreath is gorgeous! I love the color combo you used. I just created an ornament wreath too (though I glued mine to a wreath form). Such a fun project!