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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

iPhone Art

Last night after my son fell asleep, I was looking at his hands. It’s amazing how much those little hands grow and so quickly! Just a few months ago we had done some hand imprint art and they were already bigger!

I had my iPhone with me and I snapped a few pictures. (Luckily the flash didn’t wake him). I just wanted the memory of his hand and the size. And of course, holding my finger like this:


Later on I decided I would make some art from it. I have an app called FX PhotoStudio ( one of many picture apps I happen to have) and I loaded the picture in there. I cropped the picture to my liking and then added the effect called Color Charcoal Sketch and ended up with this:


Uploaded it this morning to my computer while syncing the phone. Stuck it in Photoshop quickly to add the date and here is the finished picture ( date in very bottom right corner)


I then printed it on 4x6 photo paper and here it is:


I think it came out so beautiful! Took me about 5 minutes of my time and was free. On my next dollar store or thrift store trip, I will find the perfect frame for it. Right now I have it leaning against some candle sticks in my office. Its just the perfect picture of mama and baby (or almost 4 year old) love.

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  1. Ela, That is so very precious. A nice memory for you in years to come. gotta love that I phone. I wish I had it when mine were little.