Sunday, May 23, 2010

Makes My Monday – Kam Helps Again

I have a feeling that most of my Makes My Monday posts will be about Kam. He is the light of my life, so I’m not surprised. I might throw a cupcake or two in there too lol.

This week he was all about helping again. Every time either I or my father need to do something around the house, the first thing Kam says is “ I want to help you” and he does. He is a great helper.

This week he helped grandpa hang my garage sale curtains that I purchased for $1.

putting up curtains

Its fun to watch them doing things together =)

Make my monday is hosted by Cheryl at Twinfatuation.

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  1. Omogosh, he is working SO hard and being so helpful! No doubt Grandpa is so very this picture Makes His Monday, too! Certainly can see why it makes yours! Thank you so much for playing along. :)