Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Repainted Memo Board and Magnets

I have to tell you a funny story before getting into my project. When I first started finding all of these wonderful DIY home decor blogs, I fell in love. I thought all the creativity that I thought was out of my system was suddenly back again. I used to only sew children’s clothing or crochet. But now, I had people in blogland that loved to DIY home decor. Ahh..I was happy.

When I first heard the term ORB, I thought of a big glass egg shaped thing. Had no idea that oil rubbed bronze was all the rage. How excited I was to find out that I was already using those colors in my home, just in ready made items. So when I saw there was a spray paint in this color, I immediately went out to find it. I went to Walmart and they must have just restocked their spray paint, because there it was, among all sorts of beautiful colors. I was with my father, when I started jumping up and down and clapping my hands, he thought I had lost it. I purchased 8 different colors that day. I was so excited!! I felt like I belonged to a secret society!! HA!

Anyway, to my project. I found this at a local thrift store for $3.


I took off the hooks at the bottom, sanded, taped her up and spray painted her HW ( thats secret society talk for Heirloom White, Shhh dont tell!!):

008 024

Then I took the flowers I made in this post and used 5 to make magnets. Magnets are from Dollar Tree:


Hot glue, press and hold:


Viola! 5 easy peazy magnets:


And now they all hang out together on the wall next to my sliding glass door. I’m not sure if I should put something over the front of the slots to make it look prettier and I may be adding some small hooks to the bottom for keys. But for now, here they are:


Super simple redo and I feel officially part of DIY home decor’s secret society!!


  1. really sweet project!!! TFS I found you through The Idea Room! I looove the title of your blog too! ;)

  2. This out out great...

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday at Life As Lori... Please join me next week for another great party!

  3. How cute did that turn out!! I love your magents!

  4. I love your memo board, and your magnets, too! I love spray painting just about everything I can get my hands on, too!

  5. Great job and what a find for only 3 bucks!!! WoW! I am your newest follower.

  6. What a steal on such a great piece! Love what you did with it!

  7. I love thrifty stores just for that reason. Secret gems are hidden everywhere. This one is great. You did an amazing job!

  8. Very cute redo--looks great and what a great deal! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Great job. I love the magnets too. You are creative and thanks for sharing.

  10. I love this idea!!

    My Show n Tell is my finished, newest, watercolor painting...I do hope you can stop by to view it and give me some critique!! Click HERE

    Have a great Friday.

  11. this is so cute! Love the re-do, I've just sort of gotten into larger projects like this and now that winter is coming to an end and garage sale season is coming up I'm hoping to find some new things to get started on. I'm here from the girl creative, love your blog! You can come to visit me if you get a chance :)

  12. Love how you uses the flowers as magnets! So cute! They would look great on my fridge!

  13. Really cute project. I bought 3 packages of those same magnets thinking I would do something cute with them. They're still in the bag 3 weeks later, but someday... Thanks for sharing your work. I saw you on Remodelaholic.

  14. What a wonderful makeover- I so want one in my home.
    Thanks for sharing the step by step.
    Happy Day

  15. Very cute! I love your magnets.

    Thanks for sharing at My Backyard Eden!

  16. I love when things are functional and pretty!

  17. Cute! I need to make one for my craft room.

  18. It's so pretty! I am jealous of your find!

  19. Ooh what pretty flower magnets! It all turned out great!

  20. Such a clever and creative girl. My heart is going pitty pat.

  21. Such a great project! I love the white and those magnets are darling!